The five minute walk

He’s got his owl bag on his shoulders. We just came out the restaurant and walking through the park to get to our car. He points at a crooked pavement.

“Look!look mummy! Look daddy! a footprint, a footprint! It’s not like mummy’s or like daddy’s, it’s not like mine, I know! It’s a zebra! It came running through the trees like this (he imitates loudly) another one! This is not the same, this is bigger! It must be…it must be… A rhino! It’s a rhino, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, it’s a rhino! Look at this one! It’s smaller one! It’s not a zebra… Not a rhino… Surprise! It’s a giraffe! It’s got a long neck and spotty body and is eating all the leaves! Be careful! The giraffe will eat the park!”
He spots some branches on the ground.
“What are these Alexandros? Are they snakes?”
“Daddy… Don’t be silly! They are not snakes! They are just sticks. I don’t know what you were thinking!”
We are now laughing really hard. Just when we manage to regain ourselves:
“..they are drumsticks for my drums. I must have left them there last night.”

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