Thoughts and wishes.


I love Christmas! Admittedly not to the extend that is shown by the media. I mainly like it because I know we will be indulged by each others presence! That has to be the highlight for me. My husband and I met at university and went on to even more University years together, so, stressful as it was, we spent a lot of time together at the early stages of our relationship. So now, we really miss it. Just hanging out with each other, doing nothing, staying up late and waking up around lunchtime. Of course life moves on. I suppose we grew up a little and right now I can’t imagine us being able to veg around for that long. Still, those Christmas days where we can spend them together are really precious.
Holidays are even more important to us for another reason. None of our family lives near us. It is just the two of us. There is nobody to pop in for a brew when things a little bit heavy inside. There is nobody to make you lunch when you are feeling under the weather or to just treat you out of love. At the same time, there is nobody to spontaneously celebrate with when you ve got good news, or simply ring and meet up to share the beautiful weather with. We have a lot of friends that we love deeply. In fact we are both really choosy about our friends and despite that, life has thrown some beautiful people in our path. The trouble is that most of them are far away. We have moved around and that didn’t help. But equally, I think it was always going to be like that. For we are naturally attracted to people that have an urge for life. Most of our friends would be looking to better themselves and to move on, to explore life to all extends, because that is what we are like too. So here we are, just the two of us again with lots of new friends around us. We are not lonely, quite the opposite, our diary is filled with “catching up” dates, visiting or being visited. But that’s just it. Catching up is great, but sometimes I miss having nothing to say, cause you know it all already.
Christmas is a time of lots of catching up. This year I wish there was a little more happy silence instead. Am I ungrateful for asking that? Maybe. Call it a tired moment and file it under “the in-between”. Good night.

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