A crazy weekend at Alexandros’s 4th Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) to our 4 year old boy!

The last weekend was mad! Grandad, Nana and Aunty K arrived all at once from the beautiful North England barring presents and a lot of excitement to see us all, but mainly the birthday boy! Greek grandmama (yiayia) is also here to help me face half term and his birthday! That is a full house!

Alexandros knew the show was for him and absolutely loved it!

There were presents from everyone and even more from family that lives far away. A knights costume that stayed on him for a good part of the weekend and lots of Lego and playmobil to keep him busy.

The house was transformed for Sunday where a few selected of his friends came to wish him happy birthday. Surprisingly enough, most of the nursery children have birthday parties that will include the full class! Most parents will rent out a hall and host the party there. I decided to not follow the trend. This is nursery after all and it feels like there will be so many years for all that, so we kept it in a very family and house based circle.

When it comes to parties, the food is always the number one priority in my family. It has to be good quality and homemade! We had chicken pie, meat loaves, homemade pizzas, macaroni cheese, salads and of course, the cake!

It came out really well this year, don’t you think? It was great fun decorating it, and we all chipped in.

The party would never be completed without the children’s games. I haven’t prepared games before so I was a little worried as to how many to make and how long they will last. Luckily, I had the experts under my roof! Phil’s family is well into their games! Even if there is no children, they will organize a few games for Christmas! We had a couple of pass the parcel and a put the tail on the donkey. I had also printed a big picture of the moon were they could draw on it or put stickers with aliens and spaceships. It sounds like the classic games right? Well, these little ones absolutely loved it! There were presents for everyone and lots of chocolate, so how can they not love it?!

We carried on building Legos all weekend and Alexandros had a well pampered few days.



Happy Birthday my son! Make every single day count!

In all the years to come I have only one advice to give you: make your life about your soul and everything else will fall into place sooner or later.

We both love you loads!

x x x

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