How much to I love your blog?! When I want an instant uplift, I turn to your posts.
Today’s highlight was “Everything in moderation. Including moderation.” Excellent!

Paris: People, Places and Bling

By Theadora Brack

Feeling very much like a sweet voluptuous tart this week, I’ve decided to update my personal list of favorite splurge-worthy treats in Paris. I’ll also include a few tips, sweet spots, and flashbacks, too. So grab a spoon and a blindfold—let’s make a squeal!

Tip: You’ll find pâtisseries on practically every block in the city, so keep your head and be selective. I recommend starting your gastronomical quest with a little “window licking” (faire du lèche-vitrine) because sometimes it is possible to judge a joint by its cover—or window display. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a line snaking out the door. That’s always a good sign of the times!

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