Cyclades, a place you must visit: Paros

My husband and I have been to Cyclades a number of times in the past. This was the first time going as a family with our son.
Our first stop was in Paros. It is by far my husbands favorite island. We stayed in Naoussa, one of the most picturesque marina towns of the Cyclades.
Going to the nearby beaches is an experience of its own. Of course there is the option of the bus and renting a car but the taking the little boat there will fill your senses!
We had dinner at the small fishing port, we got lost in the narrow streets and we had ice cream watching the sunset.

I will try and come back with more details but since we are still on holidays I can’t promise much. There more pictures being uploaded daily on our Facebook page and twitter accounts both named gaitanaki. I will try and post my favorite ones later on. For now a big kalispera (good afternoon) to all of you from the Greek Cyclades!





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