Outdoor cinemas in Greece, “the Harve”

Outdoor cinemas in Greece are a romantic affair. Screening hours change during the summer depending on the time the sun sets. There’s usually two screenings per day and the films change frequently. The Greek outdoor cinemas are in the heart and soul of the average Greek and it marks the summer nights.
Usually there is a small bar within the screening courtyard and it is custom to enjoy the film with a cold beer and snacks.
Some of the screenings are on the top of buildings and enjoy the much needed summer breeze. Others are surrounded by gardens. Look for the ones in Athens with a view over the Acropolis and the night will be one to remember.
A few nights ago we went to one of the two summer cinemas that are nearest to our summer flat in Akrata. This one, based in Egeira is a charming summer cinema on a roof. The film was “the Havre”. It was in French with Greek subtitles. The film was about migration and the passage to Britain through the Havre port. Slow and charming but also sad like a true French film it was about a subject most Eauropeans have experienced personally one way or another.

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