Jubille School Lunch Part 2

Thursday afternoon and the school had a kids lunch organized in order to celebrate the Queens diamond Jubilee. Parents were invited too! Dress code to match the Union Jack colors and was to apply to both kids and parents. I entered the balcony and there at the head of the table was my little boy! Yesterdays craft was to make a crown, and now all the kids were wearing one. Lots of noise and lots of colour everywhere! Most of the parents had followed the instructions and wore the same colours, but some didn’t. I couldn’t help but notice that they were not the typical white British ones. I wondered if it was a decision or if they just forgot. I loved the event and got to chat to a number of mums. Alexandros came home exhausted from all the unusual activity and collapsed on the sofa. He hadn’t had a snooze like that for a good few months! Herrey for the Jubilee!

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