The Stick Man: Children’s Book


The Stick Man is one of these books that parents love reading to their little ones! It’s from the famous Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

The vocabulary is rich but not too extreme for my three-year old. The whole way though the writer has made sure the story rhymes beautifully and follows a rhythm that gives the story a great flow. My three-year old is now at that stage where he likes to “read” me the story first. He opens the pages and tells me little things he spotted on the pictures and makes up a completely different story. The illustrations are beautiful! There is just the right amount of detail for him to explore and talk about. It is tastefully drawn and with a lot attention to detail. The style of drawings is one of my favorite, I must confess! I love it most of the duos (writer and illustrator) work. They somehow work extremely well together!

I suspect this book will stay with us for a while. We bought the hardback and I can imagine Alexandros wanting to read it himself when the time comes.

Have a look at this dad’s version of reading this book. I loved the accents! I could not pull something like that off myself! I also got surprised on how we emphasize different parts of the story. Loved listening to his version though!

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