Seatbelts buckled?

(photo via)

He climbs on to daddy’s knees:

“ten…nine…thirteen….seventeen… blast off!”

He imitates the noise…and then pretends to climb off the spaceship (daddy’s knees).

” oh, no! this is the moon! It has lots of mud…yak! I don’t like mud! back on the spaceship!!! ten…nine…fifteen…blast off!!”

He pretends to come off the spaceship again.

“oh, no! there’s lots of water! and caterpillars! and monsters! and jelly fish! we need to get out of here!”

This went on pretty much all night! Was your Saturday night more exciting than this? And by the way, this little performer goes on stage every night in our house!*

*Terms and Conditions: unless he is moody, has fever, does not have his own channels on, has not had chocolate for days, has not had his way, has not seen daddy for ages, is tired, is not too tired, has sneezes, has a cough, can not be bothered, is too hot, is too cold. The performer also reserves the right to not act as chooses and for none of the reasons above.

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