The Clockler! (we ‘ve created a monster!)

It’s the weekend. I can hear Alexandros fiddling in his room. I am praying for another half an hour and I am sure Mr D is pretending to be asleep. In fact I can bet he is hoping for my pity and a long lie in. I can hear his tiny feet making way to our bedroom door and  stopping. He is whispering something. He comes towards daddy.He is whispering with anxiety:

“shhhh Daddy! heeeelp! the clockler, the clockler” we are enough alert to open our eyes “the Clockler…  is big, and has big teeth…(he is now between us in bed) the Clockler is coming…!”

“where is this Clockler then?” Mr D asks him still half asleep, trying to find a way to reassure him.

“the clockler is ….biiiiiiiiiiig and scary!”

“do you want me to come with you and look for it?” Mr D is getting worried now.

“nooooooooo! it’s scaaaaaaary! and really noisy! the Clockler is coming..!” He carries on like that for a while. I can see how both father and son are getting upset now.

“What is the Clockler?”

“it’s really noisy and biiiiiiig and strong!”

I decide to have a go ” Do you want mummy to go and look for the Clockler?”

“No! no! Not YOU! YOU will scare him! he is my friend!” he s now switched and is really calm and happy.  “Shhhhhhhh! can you hear him…. he ‘s coming!!” Alexandros started to make noises with his tongue, clooock cloooock cloooock…the Clockler is here!

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