My birthday (in July)

My birthday always get me confused, hot and bothered and very sentimental. I know we moved a lot. I know all my dear ones are tired of writing “happy new home” and “good luck” cards. I also know that most people find it difficult to bond with me because they never know how long we will be in the same place. Usually, a good few months before my birthday I get really excited! I have different ideas on what to do, picnics, BBQ’s, parties, dinner out. All of my ideas have a vision, and in all of them I want to include crafty details. Next thing that usually happens is that I try to write a list of my guests. Tough one! If I am in Greece the list is now, very short and when I am in London most of them are on holiday, it is in July after all! My friends from Edinburgh are a little too far away too… So this is when I normally get depressed and annoyed and end up doing absolutely nothing, invite no one and end up blowing the candles with my hubby, at home, and sometimes my parents (no offense I love you guys to bits but what ever happened to a good old fashion party?!).

This year I have taken a different view on the day. I decided instead of trying to meet up with people, to make plans for just my husband, our son and me from the beginning. I also decided to open all my birthday cards the moment they arrived in the post. I started pinning them in one of our doors. Every morning I go past it I remember who sent which card and smile. I also have a secret hope of them getting more and even a daydream that they could even fill the door (yes, I know I am daydreaming but it’s still legal, right?). But also, at the same time, I started thinking, that the people who are still sending us birthday cards, every single year, must really love us. And how lucky I am to have them. It’s not easy to carry on having a relationship with someone who doesn’t stay still. All our moves where for a good reason and with a very strong drive behind them and I wouldn’t change any of them (thought if I could I would make them easier). That, sometimes, means that the cost to pay is your dear friends and family. So for all of you that are still remembering to send us birthday cards thank you! I love you all loads!

So we decided to splash out on a dinner at Leeds Castle, in Kent, the weekend before my birthday. When trying to make reservations, though, we found out that Leeds Castle was closed that weekend for a Classical Concert picnic! Even better, I said! (yes, I am one of the few that has Classic FM on the car radio memory, and yes, I am still in my 30s! I do try to be cool, and occasionally will follow a new sound, but I found nothing relaxes me more than Classical music. Don’t get me wrong, I have very little knowledge of the composers and what I am actually listening to, but I still enjoy it.)

Now, I wasn’t sure what kind of picnic that would be. I did pack my basket, and brought my blanket. Hubby got me a cake and candles and off we went!

The day of the venue was your typical English summer day. warm with the threat of rain hovering over us! But the Castle was beautiful! For anyone that has never been to it here are some pictures.

approaching the Castle
The lake on your right whilst approaching the main entrance, is home to both white and black swans.
The main entrance to the Castle
Leeds Castle from across the lake.

The venue took place on the Castle grounds, with the view of the Castle.

The stage where the full band was entertaining us!

Well, I have to admit! This was no ordinary picnic!! People had brought tables, chairs, tents, candlesticks and candles and most of them a 7 coarse meal!!!! Yes, no exaggerating! These guys had been there before! The atmosphere was great!! Everyone was in a great mood!

The view of the Castle was a real treat!

I had an amazing time! Had my two favourite men with me (one of them constantly giggling away!), in an amazing surrounding, with beautiful music on the background, chocolate cake, and Pimms on hand! So I blew the candles in style this year and loved it! I even said, in a moment of excitement, that I will be doing exactly the same next year! (yes, I am impulsive).


SO, thank you life for all that you given me so far! Especially the good bits (and please don’t give me that cr@p about how the bad bits make you appreciate the good bits! I would be fine with just the good ones, thank you very much!) and TO MANY MORE TO COME!!!!


PS. Photo of the cake to come as it seems I have “misplaced” my small camera….

PSS. For more information on Leeds Castle click here.

8 thoughts on “My birthday (in July)

    1. μερικές φορές νομίζω οτι είναι τόσο προφανές που μου έρχεται να βάλω τα κλάματα! χαχαχαχαχαχα!
      Η κρυφή αλήθεια είναι ότι η ευαισθησία μας είναι η δύναμή μας! Απλά αφήνουμε τους άλλους να την λαμβάνουν ως αδυναμία γιατί μας βολεύει! 😉
      Kαρκινάρες για πάντα!

    1. χαχαχα! Απλώς έχω ακόμα φίλους που είτε δεν είναι στο Facebook είτε είναι αλλά δε το χρησιμοποιούν ποτέ! Και είναι αρκετοί!

  1. Αυτο ΄με το facebook δεν ήταν για μένα, ε;! Πολλές τέτοιες όμορφες μέρες εύχομαι!!!

    1. Καλά, έψαχνα όλο το κείμενο να δώ για πού λες!!! Εννοείς στα σχόλια? Εννοείται ότι είναι και για σένα αυτό με το facebook! δεν είναι για κακό μη σκιάζεσαι!
      φιλιά μανάρι μου

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