Day Out: Camber Sands

During one of our weekend outings we decided to visit Camber Sands. Since hubs is a Northerner, South England, is new to both of us. We have been collecting information about different places to visit outside London for a while now. We have visited a number of villages and countryside, in fact our day trips have become so many It was one of the reasons I didn’t have time to blog all Spring and Summer! So now that we are in Greece for the heart of the summer and whilst I am drinking my cold coffee (frappe) and finally share them with you.

It has been an amazing Spring! Very warm and sunny! So we wanted to spend the day on the beach with a picnic. After doing a bit of research we came across Camber Sands and specifically this blog which I absolutely loved! That was it for me! I loved the wittiness of the author and of course I loved the pictures! We just had to go!

the dunes on the beach
did I mention this is a blue flag beach?

It was an hour and a half driving distance from our home and in fact Camber Sands is located on the South Coastline of England and not that far away from Dover. But it was even easier to find it! Our blogger mentioned had made it easier for us! “Got a sat nav ? Then here’s a postcode that’ll get you here. TN31 7RB.” And that’s what we did!

Now, it’s hard to please a Greek with an English beach. And we have visited a few by now. We got there and I couldn’t see much from the parking area… There was this enormous cliff right in front of us. We got our shoes off and started walking. The sand had a fine texture. It wasn’t too hot nor too cold, it was just right! And then we started climbing the dunes. And it was pretty hard to do so! and then our little one started running, and giggling, and for some reason we started doing the same. We reached the top of the dunes and the view was absolutely amazing!! This enormous beach was right in front of us! And it was vast and welcoming! ” this is amazing” I said. “it’s amazing amazing amazing…” our 2 and a half year old parrot started shouting and running towards the water.

unlike the mediterranean, when you stare at the sea, the view is undisturbed, the horizon is uninterrupted. I find that very relaxing...

We put our picnic down and had some food. The water was really shallow for absolute miles! That’s a parents heaven I have to admit! It means you don’t have to worry too much, other than the tie coming that is! We watched him paddling and running in the water and had lots of fun drawing on the wet sand.

Oh, and shells…so many beautiful shells. I can only say, it is definitely one of my favorite places!

Something tells me we will be going there a lot in the future…

4 thoughts on “Day Out: Camber Sands

  1. Ι’m reading your post and it’s like i’m repeating myself……Anyway, beautiful beach.. I’ve never been there but I love picnics and I can claim that I’m a professional one . (τώρα πια) 😉
    Nα περάσεις καλά στην Ελλάδα, πέρασα απο εκεί και τώρα περνάω το υπόλοιπο καλοκαιράκι στο Λονδινάκι, σαν καθώς πρέπει τουρίστας.. 🙂 xx

  2. όμορφη περιγραφή, υπέροχες φωτογραφίες, φαντάζομαι την παραλία.. Εύχομαι πολλά τέτοια πικ νικ στο μέλλον!!!

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