a weekend in Prague

It was a very last minute thing this getaway. And to be honest having spent the past 2 years in Greece with literally no money and constant job uncertainty, it was the last thing in my mind. Our main thoughts are evolving our little boy nowadays and traveling is certainly not a priority. It was my mother that is over to help, that threw the idea. “Go have a weekend away, the two of you” she said,”I will look after the little one. Make the most of me whilst I am here and still able to!”. So MrD came home one night after spending his lunch break looking around for a wedding anniversary getaway.

The recession in the UK, and the past two years in Greece meant that we appreciated every single moment! We used to go on weekends away around Europe before 2008, when we moved and when the long overdue recession knocked the door of the UK. It was almost a routine. Jump on a plane, check in, look around, eat new food. It all seemed to work. This time was different. We kept worrying about whether the flight will go, if the taxi driver will be there, if the hotel will be ok and of course, if the money would be enough. Three years ago, we would be strolling around the old town of Prague without a care in the world! So what changed? Everything. The recession in the UK means that a lot of our friends have been left unemployed for a long time. Some of them have decided to leave their towns and have now moved to London for greater job opportunities. In Greece, even though both employed we were earning just about enough to survive. Obviously, moving twice around Europe (from London to Athens and reverse) was a big stress load and financial blow. And in the middle of all this, our little boy came into the world.

For a while, it felt we didn’t deserve this treat, and it feels like it will take a while to be a lot more optimistic and confident about everything. But at the moment we can only try and remember what it is like to be carefree, and hopefully one day, it will be naturally again!

So here it is! Our Prague, in June 2011! Don’t expect to see the usual postcard pictures! For those, you will either have to look Prague on the internet, or travel to Prague yourselves one day!


I also wanted to share with you two of my favorite photos from Prague!


Enough for now!

Check out pictures of the food in Prague in Our Greeklish Food blog and for those of you that are interested there will be a more professional post on Prague through the eyes of an Architect in my Logbook soon.

Hope you enjoyed our post as much as we enjoyed our visit!

9 thoughts on “a weekend in Prague

  1. Although you deserve every minute of it and more, thanks for sharing thiw thoughts with us, as (living in Greece) I feel I don’t deserve the luxury for quite some time-and this is politly said. Χαρούμενη επέτειο!!!! 5 χρόνια!!!! Να ζήσετε!!!!

  2. Οταν έμενε στη Δρέσδη η Πράγα ήταν πολύ κοντά και πήγαινα με το τραίνο πολύ συχνά. Είναι όμορφη αλλά πολύ τουριστική για μένα πλέον, όταν ξαναπήγαμε δύο χρόνια πρίν για να θυμηθούμε εκείνα τα ωραία χρόνια της ‘βόλτας’ την βρήκα ακόμα πιο πολύ τουριστική. Ωραίες φωτογραφίες πήρες και αυτή η μπύρα ‘starormen’ αν τη γράφω σωστά ήταν τέλεια.:)

    1. @Penelope, ήσουν Γερμανία? Στρατηγική θέση! Πρέπει να είδες μεγάλο μέρος της κεντρικής Ευρώπης! Αν και με Γερμανούς εγώ δεν τα πάω και πολύ καλά! Και κυρίως με Γερμανίδες!!! χαχα!!
      Φωτογραφίες πήρα άπειρες, αν και γενικά εγώ τραβάω ατελείωτα!… Snappy is my middle name! lol!

      @Sofi, 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Aυπομονώ να έρθει η ώρα που θα μπορείς και εσύ να ξαναταξιδέψεις κι ας μην είναι για εδώ! 🙂

  3. Ελιζα, εχω μείνει σε αρκετά μέρη, Αμστερνταμ, Δουβλίνο, Γερμανία και σχεδόν έχω γυρίσει την Ευρώπη ανάποδα, τώρα ήταν ώρα να παω και στη Μέση Ανατολή , βλέπεις η έρημος πάντα τραβούσε τους Βρετανούς(τους αρέσει η περιπέτεια).
    Snappy is a common name for all the people involved in social media. I don’t know if it comes before or after Christmas for me (for long time my middle name was Ms. Christmas 🙂

    1. ωωωωω! δεν το ήξερα αυτό με το snappy! Ms.Christmas!! xaxaxa! μπορώ να φανταστώ!!!! ανα χείρας η Martha Steward? Τώρα όμως στην έρημο δεν ξενερώνεις τα Χριστούγεννα?
      ΥΓ.και μόνο που ακούω τις μετακινήσεις σου….αγχώνομαι!! και το μόνο που αναρωτιέμαι είναι “τα παιδιά???” γιατί πριν τον μικρό δεν είχα κανέναν ενδιασμό και αγχος! ακούγεται κάπως…αλλά είναι αλήθεια!

  4. Όλα τριγύρω αλλάζουνε…. και όλα τα ίδια μένουν….. Πρίν από δύο εβδομάδες κάναμε το πρώτο- μετά από δύο χρόνια- ταξιδάκι εξπρές με την μηχανή…. Και αν και όλα ήταν διαφορετικά… ήταν και τόσο ίδια και οικεία! Δεν είχες καθόλου αυτή την αίσθηση;….

    1. ναι, ναί την είχα! Καλά εσείς με τη μηχανή πρέπει να το είχατε ακόμα περισσότερο! Εγώ το αισθάνθηκα στο αεροδρόμιο όταν διάλλεγα βιβλία να διαβάσω στη πτήση άνευ μικρού!! 🙂

  5. Happy anniversary guys, may you live happily together with lots of koutsouvela around you!!!!! I tried to visit Our Greeklish Food blog but i guess i need some sort of invite….

    filakia polla!

    PS. When are you coming to greece? i was thinking of setting up an old classmates meeting…

    1. You are right! I forgot to switch the blog to “public view”!!! You can visit the website now if you want to. Let me know if you still can’t.
      PS. I’ll be in/around Athens at the end of July. Maybe then? Let me know through Private message/Facebook.

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