It’s a brand new day!

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote the last post for my Greek blog gaitanaki. Despite the fact that it might have seemed like it was a rush decision it truly wasn’t. I started the “gaitanaki” blog when I was in Greece and my main goal was to bring some of the amazing Art and Crafts abroad into the Greek internet. Which went really well and I feel that a lot of people liked it. But in the process I started writing a lot about our family and all about how different it is to be part of a multicultural family. So now, back in London and with my new Nation of Two blog I started realizing that although I loved posting all my lovely finds in gaitanaki, there is now many people that have similar blogs and there is now real need for me to carry on. At the same time I realized I loved communicating my inner thoughts so here we are! It feels really good to be able to finish something that didn’t really work for me any more. And hopefully some of the people that were enjoying my posts for more than just the crafts, will start following me here.

I have so many things to write about! The weather here has been absolutely amazing! We have been out and about during the Easter break seeing lots of dear friends and having a wine or two whilst brainstorming on weddings (we have a dear friend willing to tie the knot!) and holidays, seeing our friends new babies (and there were a few to see as we have been away for 2 years!)  and all of the above whilst wearing my amazing Pucci sunglasses! Can’t get better than this!

But for now…this country but also Greece from what I hear, has been focussing on the Royal Wedding!!!  Tomorrow is the big day and despite the fact our tv is broken and the repair guy is coming tomorrow morning (talk about cutting it fine!) we will be watching along with the nation. No really, we will be joining the local community as there will be a party on! So here’s to their happiness and ours too!

5 thoughts on “It’s a brand new day!

  1. Περάσαμε πολύ όμορφα εδω στην Ερημο, ξέρεις τώρα οι Βρετανοί είναι καθόλα οργανωμένοι, special marquee, huge screen and at the end Champagne and 4 tier wedding cake :)))

    1. excellent! κι εμείς τώρα γυρίσαμε από local party, pimms, real ale marquees and bbq! Όλα τα μικρά είχαν ντυθεί πριγκίπισες και βασιλιάδες 🙂 Θα γράψω ποστ με φωτογραφίες αύριο. Φιλιαααααααα!

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