March Family Update

We have now been in our house for 4 months and it doesn’t feel like it. It’s such a nice house and it feels so homy that we could have been here for ever. I don’t even remember living in our flat in Greece, although I have lately found myself wishing and hoping we could have a nicer weather. Little D doesn’t seem to care though. Even when it’s raining he will still kick up a fuss to go out in the garden and play with his big cars. He gets really excited and has now worked out how to unlock the door with the key (must remember to never leave them around).

walking around London with friends


So this is what tiny D has been up to lately:

He is into Thomas the tank engine and James and Percy (not τουχρόνου, περσυ! I have been diying to tell this joke to someone! If it made you smile, you ll be my friend forever!). We have the book, the series, the socks, the tshirts, the door hanger, the lot! Ok, it was mainly part of the Xmas presents.

He has started singing along with the tele. Mr D says he has taken the complete out of tune voice of my side of the family. I just hope he loves singing along like me, so we can have hours of fun of tuneless singing together!

He has FINALLY gone into a reasonable bed time routine…. There has been some long nights…and then some even worst… and then some allnighters of  him screaming…but I think we have cracked it now (or should I say for now).

Ever since we’ve been in London I have been lucky enough to be running  a couple of small jobs which means that tiny D has been to a couple of meetings with me, and an exhibition at the Excel center. Was he always behaving? Ofcourse not! He’s not an idiot! He knows he can have fun whenever he wants to! But it has brought a new perspective into my job, mainly because I saw a client side that I wasn’t expecting. I suppose you forget they have kids too when you talk business. Would I love to make this into a habit? Heck no! It’s been the most stressfull thing I have done yet! But hopefully come September tiny D will be into nursery so I won’t have to drag him with me.

He loves ALL means of transport! We could be in travelling for hours! and this being London, sometimes you do end up traveling a lot. He absolutely loves it! Watching cars, taxis, trains, buses anything with a light on top (ambulance, police car even the rubbish van) he absolutely adores stairing at! All of a suddent he will pretend he is stirring the wheel. It’s like an urge that he can’t control! He makes us laugh a lot!

He speaks a lot more English. He went through a more quiet phase and I was a little worried. The past few days he just blabs away mainly in English! Having said that I can tell he remembers Greek because when I speak to him (only in Greek) he understands. He mixes it up a lot. He will say “red car ειναι” and “εγώ food” “mine είναι”. I actually never liked it when people do that. And bizarely enough, there are a lot of people doing it in Greece for no reason. I will try and get him to speak properly at a different age. Right now all I can ask is for him to express himself in one way or another.

December on the Edinburgh Castle. It feels so much like home when we go...


He takes his tray and runs into the loving room, sits down and waits for his lunch.

He uses the expression “oh, no! too big” for everything he can’t reach/do/thinks it’s dangerous.

He does a lot of jumping up and down which I LOVE !!!! (and do with him for hours!)

He says “bye bye γιαγιά, bye bye παππού” and switches off the laptop when he’s had enough of Skyping!

He has started drawing and painting and loves his art class!

He used to say “goodnight mummy” and to give me a hug and a slorpy kiss on the mouth. Now he only gives me a hug (too cool for a kiss?! age 2 and 5 months?!)

He calls me mummy and Mr D μπαμπά which puzzled us for a while and then realized it’s cause I say to him “πήγαινε στο μπαμπά” and Mr D says to him “go to mummy”.

He plays hide and seek on the first floor with me and he is always the one seeking.

I could go on for ever here but I have tryied to keep to the ones I am afraid he will not be doing for too long so that I never forget them.

daddy's Birthday cake! made by mummy. I got the recipe from here

And so, it’s almost Spring and we just had Mr D’s bday and have celebrated it in less style than other years but certainly more love. And we made a pack with Mr D. When the time comes that we will be able too, we will be taking our birthdays off work to spend it together.

And now, whilst on the search for a daycare, more work from home, and planning our srping/summer and are trying to make new friends in the area, we are happy. Yes, here in the grey rainny London. Who would have thought it!

6 thoughts on “March Family Update

  1. I ‘ve been checking this blog everyday to see any new posts and at last!!!! A brand new post with stories from the D’s on the big island….. So happy for you guys! I somehow knew Athens wasn’t the place for you… After so many years there, it would be a torture..

    As i was reading about little D’s language adventures i couldn’t stop smiling because i remembered my children’s greek-lish communication. But let me give you the background story of our bilingual family first. As you probably remember my partner is also Greek but we decided, since English works just as well for both of us, to try the bilingual approach. Mommy speaks mostly Greek but Daddy hasn’t used it at all when communicating with the kids since day 1. Mommy and Daddy communicate mainly in English. The kids attend Greek schools. We tried an English one at some point but it was way too expensive 😦

    So, how do they cope? You will probably ask.. It has worked out much better that expected! Both Maximus, 5 and Lucius, 3 understand both languages 100% but of course they are more relaxed when they speak Greek… exposure you see! When talking to Daddy, and having no other option, they use their English very well. Especially Maximus, whose vocabulary is richer. Lucius uses some Greek words but immediately he asks for the English version which he never forgets. When they speak with me, depending on their mood, we either speak English or Greek. What troubles me, however, is that Maximus asked me not to speak any English at school when i take him to and back from school… Maybe he feels that the other kids look at him in an awkward way…

    The fun part is when they speak to each other and use a mixture of both languages. e.g. “Why are you πειραζινγκ my things?, I’ve told you 100 φορες οτι this is mine!!!!!” or “mommyyyyyyyyyyy, Lucius is ενοχλειινγκ me again…. He is a cheeky μαϊμου!!!”

    Next step will be reading and writing… But i think this can wait till they’ve finished first grade, when their mother tongue is out of the way…

    So, don’t worry if he mixes things up a little (or sometimes a bit more). Maybe this is natural since he’s growing up in a two-language environment. Besides the exposure in English dominates…. He will master the language at no time! I keep thinking that this is towards their advantage (brain learning to split in half, doing two functions simultaneously, not to mention no φροντιστηριο for English!!!!!) Plus, when little D goes to school everything will suddenly become easier. Peer groups do miracles in such cases!!!!! Maximus still has English-speaking friends from that school and when they get together it’s all of a sudden as if he only speaks this language…

    I’m sorry for my looooooong text, i hope it helped a bit….
    Wishing you all the best Mrs D!!!!!!

    P.S i can see from your fb pics that you made the best decision ever….

  2. Hi Elena!
    nice to hear from you! you can subscribe to the blog (top right corner) and then you won’t miss our news.

    I remember your little ones! They are adorable! So funny to hear their struggles!
    You see, the 2 years that we were in Greece I wasn’t that worried about the bilinguality. English is everywhere in Greece! Even some of the kids programs are in English with subtitles! That along with the fact that Mrs D is English and therefore he always spoke to him and me in English it would be an easy job. Here however, Greek is not spoken at all. And most of our friends are not Greek. I have spoken to a lot of bilingual adults and, like I was saying on another post, it really depends on how much you persevere. I have friends who have both parents non English but were born and raised here. Their parents didn’t have time to work on the language because of work and therefore my friends only know English! Isn’t that strange? So, It really comes down to me, I suppose!

    Give Maximus and Lucious a big kiss from me! You will surely not need to send them to a φροντιστηριο for English if you carry on ! Having said that, I didn’t go to one either. I had 3 months worth of private lessons and then I gave the exam. French, however, was a different painful story!!!!

    Keep in touch and speak soon!!!

  3. ……….τι λαχταριστό γλυκό είναι αυτό!….αλήθεια το έχεις φτιάξει? 😉

      1. Τιμή μου! Καλωσόρισες και στο άλλο μου σπιτικό! Ωραίο το μπλογκ! Θα το διαβάσω με ησυχία.

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