Platform 13, Gatwick Express

I found myself sat in the Gatwick Express again on Sunday. I was waiting for it to leave to take me to the airport.

There was a mixture of people on board. A Spanish couple sat facing me. They were stressed about missing the plane. In their 50s, dressed sporty, they kept reading the terms and conditions to the ticket. Next to me sat a tall Italian man in his 60s.  To my right, a group of, I think Russian, women where talking. The Italian guy was saying goodbye to his daughter. She was in her late 20s. They looked very similar. They held each other and I think he was saying thank you. They didn’t want to let go. The train was full and ready to go by now. She stood outside the window and they were trying to communicate with signs. They started waving really hard as the train slowly departed. My heart fell.

How many times have i done this? How many times more will it happen? How many times have I met my partner on this platform, most of them with tear in my eyes. Right here, right now is the land of the in-between, i thought. You can’t draw a line to show the boundaries of a multinational family. If you look hard enough though, you can see where we are most at home.

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