the in-between

We are in a very familiar place as a family right now: the in-between. Only this time is far more literal than normal.

If you are part of a multinational family you or your partner are always missing something from the country you are not in at the moment. And that’s ok. It probably happens to everyone that’s pulled the courage to leave their birthtown and live somewhere else even if it’s in the same country. Only when in a different country this is in a bigger scale. So, anyway, we are sort of reaching the point now that we are getting used to it!

Yes 10 years together, I can finally say “we are used to it”!

At the moment we are in the process of moving back to London. So Daddy is already there on his own, me and our boy are in Greece tidying up loose ends (For the love of Greek bureaucracy! I will never make so much as a little whing on the british paperwork ever ever ever again!). So we are literally in the in-between, which is just about unbearable on its own, only this time we have our little boy too! And I just realized, it’s all new to him!

Our boy is turning 2 this Sunday! Now, you don’t know this unless you have kids of your own, but this is the time when their language skills develop rapidly. Over the past 3 months he has started with repeating words and then phrases. Then he started remembering words and has now reached the stage where, i can tell, he fully understands what’s being said and all the dialogues taking place around him! Which is pretty amazing on its own! I mean, HOW DO THEY DO IT ! ? All this is of course in Greek, since daddy was away and our little boy doesn’t understand the concept of the phone yet. He treats it as one of his toys and presses all the buttons to hear the sounds which makes all communication impossible! That, plus the fact that up until recently, he has been on an endless holiday by the beach with no internet around, meant that his English have not developed as much.

So here we are, back in Athens, where we are blessed with the God of Internet and have decided to give Skype a go!

The first time was a disaster! Our boy got really hyper just seeing his dad! He started kissing the screen non stop and wouldn’t let go of daddy! About half an hour later he started realizing mummy and daddy are talking another language! That’s when he got really angry, mainly at mummy (daddy was safe behind the screen!) and started hitting me and despite the fact I was trying to speak in both languages for him to take part, he just stormed out the room in a huff!

We decided we need to work harder on this, so now we are Skyping every night. And so Mr D has started teaching him English all over again. Little D loves it!  Every time we go past the notebook he points at it and shouts “daddys” (he tends to put an “s” on all words at the moment”).  So Mr D has now equipped himself with Larry the lamp and Thomas the tank engine and our boy is holding his famous Gerry the giraffe and we are all having a pitzama party every night here, in my parents spare bedroom, at “the in-between”.

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