I always think of this song every time we do something “cause it’s tradition”. Tradition for us, as a new family, has a completely different meaning. I imagine it’s the same with all families especially when a new member comes along. In a “nation of two” family though, things can get a little trickier… Whom brings the presents at Xmas? Is it Father Xmas, on Xmas day or St. Vassilis on New Years day? Is it “baba” or “daddy”? Is it “a pinch and a punch for the first of the month” or a Kalo mena (Καλό μήνα in Greek). pft… These are the things I am willing to get to the bottom of, hoping to create a new tradition for the Nation of Two (+one). I do hope you help me with your suggestions and comments especially if you come from or are part of a bilingual or multilingual family. So, HELLO WORLD ! this is our world, and we love it!

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